In addition to the formation that is shared by the entire community, individuals have the opportunity to exercise their gifts for the good of the community in a variety of other ways. Some of these include:


Choir - Participants at Ecclesia have the opportunity to share their musical talent for the glory of the Lord in the liturgies. Please see "Music" on the Liturgy page for more information!

Theatre - The Theatre group exposes the participants (both the actors and those viewing) to the power of theatre as a form of expression, truth, and culture. It allows an opportunity to receive artistic tradition and knowledge, and pass it on to a culture that is starved of the basics!

Lector/Altar Servers/Sacristy - Participants are given the opportunity to serve in the liturgy as altar servers (men), lectors (men and women) and sacristy (men and women). You will be trained by the religious brothers and sisters on how to perform these offices with reverence and joy.

Environment Team - During Ecclesia, the living, eating, praying, and learning spaces are enriched with beautiful and edifying decorations by the “Environment Team.” This team will create spaces of silence and focus in the rooms to heighten our sense of prayer and purpose, providing the setting for our culture of excellence. It will give examples of ways  to use decoration to highlight and serve prayer to future evangelizers.

Disputatio - Ecclesia is a place where the leaders of tomorrow are formed.  An essential component to their formation is their hope-filled conviction that Christ’s word can be effectively brought to bear against the questions and dilemmas of our modern world. Every Friday we bring two teams of participants together to engage debates on topics that the modern world is facing.  

What else? You tell us! We encourage participants to be creative and free in sharing their gifts with the community. In the past, participants have shared their talents of leather-working, wood-working, rosary making, "Soul Core" exercises, painting and more!